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Friendship Church

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SHIPMATES !!! Friendship Church Tulsa Welcomes you to the Ship!

We grow friends into family through faith! Pastor Jamaal Dyer leads his church with

actionable steps to better the people of the community and to bring forth the word of God. ​ This is a new journey! A time to turn your pain in to power and trust God for his plans for you.  As a new shipmate you will many opportunities to serve and to join small groups.

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The Beginning

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1922 when God touched the hearts, souls and minds of six spirit – filled believers. The Lord moved upon their hearts saying, “Upon this rock, I will build Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Out of this prayer, Friendship Church was birthed.

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Our Now.

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Our Staff

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Our Leadership.

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