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Friends (Relationships)

Outreach – Engages in opportunities to serve our community through feeding the homeless, volunteering at community organizations,  events and providing care and concern to the less fortunate. 

Evangelism – This ministry is committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ outside of the four walls of the church. They believe in taking the gospel to the streets and reaching people where they are. 

New Member Care – To welcome new members and get them acclimated to Friendship Church. This ministry is the first to engage with new members and encourage them to become actively involved in their new church home. 

Family (Fellowship)

Deacons – The role of a deacon is to assist the Pastor in caring for the needs of the congregation.  Deacons must be mature Christians that know the doctrines of their faith and serve the Lord and His church faithfully. Deacons should advance the unity of the church and be full of wisdom.  Deacons should have a consistent life of prayer and studying the scriptures. 

Deaconess – The role of a deaconess is to also assist with the needs of the congregation.  Deaconesses prepare the elements of the Lord’s Supper and members for baptism. 

Transportation – Provides transportation to members, guests and friends that are unable to participate in worship experiences due to lack of transportation. 

Welcome Team – A group of energetic, loving and caring people with warm personalities.  These individuals are the first ambassadors people meet when entering the church.  Their goal is to make everyone feel valued and welcome by providing service with a smile, high five, handshake or hug. 

Ushers – This ministry is attentive to the needs of the congregation by assisting them with locating comfortable seating and assuring a worship service free of distractions. Ushers cater to the needs of the congregation during the worship experience. 

Parking Lot – Assist members, visitors and friends with parking and providing a safe environment as they attend the worship experience.

Audio/Visual– This ministry provides clear audio and video of our services to the congregation as well as our virtual shipmates and friends. 

Culinary Arts – Prepares and serves exceptional tasting food for church events. 

Finance – Help the church create the budget and oversee the spending to ensure the church is being great stewards of their resources. 

The Master’s Choir – The Music ministry is to set the atmosphere for worship through music and song.  It provides an opportunity for members to use their God-given gifts of music and to grow in relationship to God and others 

Faith (Christian Education)

Men of Vision – The Men of Vision are dedicated to building the whole man, spirit, mind and body by equipping each with his God –ordained purpose.  Men of Vision exists solely for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God through strengthening men to be dedicated and obedient in service to God and Friendship Church

Sisters of Virtue – The Women’s Ministry encourages women to grow in their faith as they develop and strengthen Christ-like relationships. It provides opportunities for women to serve and reach the community for Christ through Bible studies, conferences and outings. 

Anchor Teams (Small Groups) – An opportunity for members and guest to engage in small groups to have a more intimate setting to learn more about God and life. 

Little Lambs (0-3) – A youngest saints will grow in grace in our nursery 

Friendship Kidz (ages 4-9) – Our children’s church class that provides an opportunity for students to have a developmentally age appropriate worship experience

Crossroads (ages 10-12)-  Our pre-teens who learn how to deal with the crossroads of life and how to navigate through life changes. 

Friendship Teens (ages 13 – 18) – to encourage, equip and empower our youth to excel spiritually and socially by taking advantage of the abundant life  that Jesus Christ paid them to live for. We equip them with the knowledge to pursue an ongoing relationship with God and empower them to take ownership of their faith and teach them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others through outreach, missions and evangelism. 

College Ministry – A ministry for college students to fellowship and develop activities that cater to their needs.  College students may engage in outreach opportunities in the community and potential ways to partner with other church college ministries. 

Discovering the Word – The goals of this ministry is to provide weekly, in-depth study of the Word of God.

Intercessory Prayer – A opportunity to intercede on behalf of the church and congregants.  This is an intimate time of prayer and supplication.

(Serving our leaders through building and beyond)

Shepherd’s Guild – A ministry that aides the Pastor, Pastor’s wife and children .

Building Maintenance  – Oversees the needs of the building and ensure that it’s operable and in good condition.

Social Media – Provides clear audio to the congregation as well as uploads graphics and videography to the church webpage and social media sites. 

Ministers in Training – An opportunity for ministers of the gospel to receive training in areas such as sermon preparation,  ministerial ethics, pulpit etiquette, pastoral care and more.  

Helping Hands – To help those experiencing temporary setbacks and to visits those who are sick and shut in. This ministry also sends cards, makes phone calls and encourages those who need a spiritual lift. 

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