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Anchor Teams is devised to support our core beliefs. With Anchor Teams you will build relationships with other Shipmates! Below you will find our current Anchor Team Groups!
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woman Evolve
By Sarah JAkes

Growing through tough seasons.  This group will show how past disappointments, struggles and even mistakes can be used today to help you become the woman God intended.

Evolve (Young Adults 21+)

A safe space geared towards young adults ages 19-35 to address their needs and issues through the word, fellowship and supporting growth in their pursuit of Christ.

Moms of Faith

A group to help strengthen the faith of mothers through study of the word of God. It will focus on helping mothers to delve into their faith in God in the journey of rearing their children. 

Better Days

A group focusing on becoming whole mentally, spiritually and emotionally. This group will be led by spiritual Licensed Professional Counselors from our ministry. 

No More Excuses (Men Only)

This group will take a look at men in the Bible who faced challenges and help men stop looking at things as excuses and instead see them as challenges for success. 

Friendship Teenz (Ages 13-18)

An interactive group for teens ages 13-18 to help enhance their spiritual, social and emotional well-being through Biblical teaching and relevant day to day application.

Faith Driven Entrepreneur 

Fear often rises and derails many from following the desire to launch a business or organization.  This group will focus on having the faith to conquer your fears while planning and executing your business ideas.

kingdom minded couples

This group is for couples who are dating, engaged, and married. The focus will be to build healthy relationships and equip couples with Kingdom principles to help their relationship thrive.

Faith & Fitness

A group led by members Ronnie and Jasmine Stewart, the owners of ViB Fitness. The group is dedicated to building friendships with other members by being faithful to our commitment to our fitness and the health of our bodies. 

Pushed to Pray

With so much going on in the world,  we’re pushed to pray without ceasing.  This team will focus on the importance and power of prayer while sharing ways to strengthen your prayer life.

anchor teams
Anchor Team Groups

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